Sleeping on the Couch

Item ImageSleeping on the Couch
The adventures of Dave playing bridge with his wife, Anne
by Dave Caprera
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202 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the United States Bridge Federation Junior Program. Here is what some of Dave's friends who appear in the book had to say: "I don't bid like that because if I do I will end up sleeping on the couch." - Mike Passell. "When they travel to tournaments, Dave chooses their hotel by the comfort of the sofas." - Chris Compton. "If Dave had just bid 3NT and made it, he could have avoided the couch." - Bob Hamman. "If he slept on the couch that often playing precision, I don't want to imagine where he would have slept playing 2/1." - Jeff Meckstroth. "The guy plays like he didn't get a good night's sleep." - Eddie Wold. "Annie deserves a bed of her own." - Kate McCallum. "I have played against Annie and Dave quite a bit. My advice to Dave is to keep your enemies close and your couch closer." - Bobby Levin. "Dave has a great teaching style for the juniors. But you can only carry 'do as i say, not as I do' so far." - Michael Rosenberg. "Dave who?" - Judy Hummel. "For forty years I've been telling you to be more practical and you do this to me?" - Jack Oest. "Even bridge bums occasionally sleep in a bed." - Alan Sontag. "Perhaps Dave should play backgammon instead." - Kit Woolsey. "Mostly hopeless." - David Grainger. "Dave, it is time to come to bed now." - Anne Brenner