Eric Rodwell's Bidding Topics - Book 2

Item ImageEric Rodwell's Bidding Topics - Book 2
by Eric Rodwell
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167 pages. Paperback.

This book, carrying on the tradition of Eric Rodwell's Bidding Topics Book 1, contains 9 new bridge topics. Contents: 1) Fourth Suit Forcing. 2) Minor Suit Transfer Over Partner's 1NT Opening. 3) Flannery. 4) Bidding in Fourth Position. 5) Smolen. 6) Development After a Strong 2 Club Opening. 7) Lebensohl. 8) Ogust. 9) Exclusion Blackwood and Lackwood. As in the first book, each topic starts with the most basic aspects, then moves to intermediate concepts and at the end, something for experts. This way the material should be of interest to a wide range of players. For decades Eric Rodwell has been one of the most successful bridge players in the world. His partnership with Jeff Meckstroth has produced over one hundred national and world championships. The "Meckwell" partnership is well known for their aggressive and detailed bidding system called RM Precision, of which Eric is the principal theorist and author.