Five to Five Hundred

Item ImageFive to Five Hundred
by Tim Kohl • Bob Jiobu
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232 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

This is a book for improving players who have graduated from the novice class and are embarking on the long journey to that coveted Life Master title - which now in North America requires winning 500 masterpoints. Written in a light, readable style, with liberal use of cartoons and aide-memoires, the book first addresses the mental approach necessary for bridge success--topics including how to learn, being mentally tough, trusting partner, and how to have constructive discussions after a disaster. It goes on to cover the numbers game--basic probability, how the scoring method affects decisions, and how to become a lucky player. The remainder of the book is technical, covering decision making, opening leads, defensive signaling, hand evaluation, and some recommended bidding ideas and approaches.