The Power of Pass

Item ImageThe Power of Pass
by Ron Klinger • Harold Schogger
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96 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

You compete with 3 hearts over 3 clubs. You play very well and manage to come to eight tricks. You are feeling good, until you open the scoresheet and find that 3 clubs has been defeated most of the time. You have gone minus when you could have been plus. Not vulnerable against vulnerable, your partner sacrifices in 5 hearts over 5 diamonds and is doubled. Partner is two off for -300. That would be a fine result versus 5 diamonds, -600. Alas, 5 diamonds was going to fail. When you and your teammates compare scores, you are -300 and your teammates are -100, -9 Imps instead of a flat board. These days, most players bid too much. They are backing their declarer skill against what they hope will be inferior defence or are hoping that you or your partner will bid keep on bidding and then you will fail in your contract. This book shows you when you can profit simply by passing. There are so many situations where passing is the winning action and you will find them here, together with numerous real-life deals taken from club level, the internet and national and international championships. There is immense satisfaction in passing at the right time and being right as a result.