Avoid Bidding Disasters

Item ImageAvoid Bidding Disasters
Win by Steering Clear of Trouble
by Danny Roth
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148 pages. Paperback.

It has been proven many times that winning at bridge at all levels is not about being brilliant but far more about not being stupid. If you read reports of matches and tournaments, there will be the occasional spectacular play or defense, but for every one of those, there will be a whole string of very bad decisions, particularly in the bidding. If those can be avoided, countless trophies can be won, even without the brilliancies. In each chapter, I shall give a number of examples of hands bid by "experts" and invite you to choose your bid. In the Solutions section of each chapter, I shall then show you what happened and assign a score from 1 to 10 for each alternative. Remember that this is a game of odds, and even the most perfect player--not that such an individual has ever existed--cannot be right all the time. But be assured that, if you have bid according to my criteria, your bad boards will be far outnumbered by your successes and that you will be better equipped to accurately navigate auctions and avoid disasters.