Test Your Opening Leads Against The Experts

Item ImageTest Your Opening Leads Against The Experts
by Danny Roth
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144 pages. Paperback.

The opening lead is the only card played while the dummy's (North's) hand is still concealed and is therefore one of the most difficult parts of the game. While there is a luck element and it is very easy to be "wise afterwards," deciding which suit to attack (and which card in that suit to play) is crucial. The fate of countless contracts depends on the opening lead. This book presents dozens of opening-lead problems that I have collected over many years and on which a number of "experts" have gone wrong???in my opinion, unnecessarily. Topics include lead systems, the relevance of bidding, studying options, assessing ruffing potential, establishing tricks, anticipating enemy action, and creating diversions. A series of tests follow. Hopefully, you will gain the skills and confidence to be regarded by your partner and opponents alike as a fearless leader.