Blocking and Unblocking

Item ImageBlocking and Unblocking
Don't Paint Yourself Into A Corner
by Dr. James Marsh Sternberg
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166 pages. Paperback.

In this book, we will see a variety of examples of how to unblock your suits and how to block theirs. Mastering these will lessen your frustrations. The plays are easy, it's the anticipation in sufficient time that is a good deal more tricky. I'm sure you will recognize some of these situations from your own times at the tables where you may have found yourself blocked. There is some overlap; some of the hands could belong in more than one chapter. Learning to unblock, wrote Louis Watson in "Play Of The Hand," is akin to the fellow who paints himself into a corner, or the chap who sits on the outer edge of a limb while sawing it off from the main trunk.