Winning at the Club

Item ImageWinning at the Club
by Matthew Thomson
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219 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Bridge in 2020 went online at the club. With daily opportunities to observe players while running games, teacher Matthew Thomson started on a quest to understand why players were so often making bids and plays that surprised him. This led him to ask the question, "How can I best help the club player?" Selecting a daily hand for lessons shared before each online game saw immediate results, allowing Thomson to refine his advice to best assist his players. This book collects these daily lessons together, and it will help club players develop into winners. Thomson's guidance takes a pragmatic approach to what works best at the club. Winning club bridge is different from expert bridge. It's achievable by all club players willing to think and to challenge themselves. In sections of real-life discussions that he titles "Club Chat", the author captures myths and mis-advice so often present at the club, which all players can relate to and learn from.