Test Your Bridge Judgement

Item ImageTest Your Bridge Judgement
by Barry Rigal
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207 pages. Paperback.

One of Rigal's classics has been updated and modernized. Barry Rigal--the highly respected bridge commentator, author, and player--has set a series of tests of your bridge skill, and teaches you new skills at the same time. You are the player and he is your guide to making the crucial decisions at each stage of bidding and play. Rigal grades your performance and that of your partner and offers his unique analysis. The hands are instructive but practical. A great way to hone bidding judgment and playing technique. Test yourself alone or in competition with others. This book assumes you are familiar with Two-Over-One game force, a 15-17 opening 1NT, and that you have at least a limited experience of tournament bridge. In addition, it aims to introduce you to some of the more advanced elements of modern bidding style. On every hand in the book, there is at least one bidding problem which involves some element of bidding judgement, but which also takes you through some systemic concerns, as well. Rigal tries to make you aware of the sort of thought processes which the competent tournament bridge player goes through, and simultaneously, to introduce you to some of the elements of system that are common among expert players. Thus, you are given some tools to build a better system. Rigal has made improving your bridge into a game that is fun for all standards of player. Years of trial and experience have been distilled into an easy-to-use format which entertains and teaches at the same time.