Audrey Grant Bridge Guide: Five Tips To Simplify Card Combinations

Item ImageAudrey Grant Bridge Guide: Five Tips To Simplify Card Combinations
A Practical Approach to Improve the Odds
Declarer Play Series 2
by Audrey Grant
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55 pages. Paperback.

The Bridge Guide on Card Combinations is practical because although card combinations can be seen in isolation, a useful way to gain an understanding is to see them in the context of carefully prepared, instructional deals. This is a dynamic Bridge Guide that will improve your declarer play. You'll see how to effectively use Declarer's Plan; combine chances on Declarer's Checklist to increase the odds; and look for card combinations that provide more than a 50% chance. You'll also learn to know when to lead a high card instead of leading toward a high card, and when to watch out for the opponents. About The "Bridge Guide Series": The Bidding, Declarer Play, and Defense Bridge Guides present Five Tips to Simplify one aspect of the game. Part One of the Guides is divided into five segments, each presenting a snapshot, in turn, of each of the five tips. Part Two presents a selection of sixteen instructional deals, designed carefully to illustrate the material in a practical way, so you can comfortably apply the ideas the next time you play bridge. The Guides are multi-level and suitable for players with a wide range of experience and skill. The deals progress until you reach Deals 15 and 16, famous deals that show how experts use the information in the Bridge Guides.