From Zero to Three Hundred

Item ImageFrom Zero to Three Hundred
A Bridge Journey
by Dr. James Marsh Sternberg
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76 pages. Paperback.

Three hundred. What's so special about the number 300? It's the magic number all serious bridge players seek, often unsuccessfully. It takes three hundred masterpoints of varying types to become a Life Master in the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). When Dr. James Sternberg took up the game, he had never played, but thought it was a game that could be learned in a few weeks and would provide a recreational outlet. Wow, was he in for a surprise. Fortunately he met one of the foremost bridge teachers in the country, Allan Cokin, and together they began the journey of zero to three hundred. This book tells of their adventures as Jim studying under and playing with Allan, wins 377 masterpoints to become the first player to become Life Master in less than one year, winning the ACBL's Rookie of the Year Award.