Active or Passive

Item ImageActive or Passive
A Guide to Being a Better Defender
by Dr. James Marsh Sternberg
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142 pages. Paperback.

Innumerable books have been written on declarer play. Far less attention has been paid by bridge writers to defense, which is the weakest part of most players' game. This book presents a series of problems in defensive play, the central theme being active versus passive defense. This problem may start with the opening lead, arise at Trick Two, or be a decision later during the play of the hand. Going 'active' when one should have remained 'passive' and vice versa is probably the most common defensive error players make, allowing contracts to slip thru. Some of the deals shown are more difficult than others, but they all contain a principle that can be applied in similar situations. After working on these problems and answers, the reader will find his defensive skills are enormously improved.