Card Reading

Item ImageCard Reading
Picturing the Unseen Hands
by Trevor Mathews
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216 pages. Paperback.

Accurate card reading is the key to making the kind of contracts that are written up in bridge columns. Card reading is a skill that is widely recognised as the mark of an expert. Unlike work on your bidding system and other gadgets it is an individual discipline, something you can practice and work to perfect on your own. This book is filled with deals that can only be solved by picturing the unseen hands, playing all 52 cards rather than the 26 immediately visible to you. It highlights the clues that can be derived from bidding, the opening lead and perhaps most importantly the discards, then demonstrates how to interpret them to build a picture of the unseen hands. Once you have got the shape of your opponents' hands, plays that seem really difficult can suddenly become straightforward. Read this book, study the hands, learn the lessons and your card play as defender and declarer will surely improve. A lot of pleasure can be derived from making a contract based on accurate card reading.