World Class: 21st Century

Item ImageWorld Class: 21st Century
European Bridge Stars
by Marc Smith
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296 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Marc Smith's original World Class, published in 1999, became a classic. This all-new edition features the world's best players of today discussing their lives, at the table and away from it--how they started, their best and worst bridge memories, their favorite hands, why partnerships work well, and their hopes for the future. You may recognize the names from your bridge magazine or from watching them play online. This book will show you their human sides. You will relive their triumphs and disasters at the bridge table, and pick up plenty of tips to improve your game. Get to know many of the world's best players, male and female, young and old. Book one profiles European bridge stars, Book two will examine America and the rest of the world.