2/1 On Steroids

Item Image2/1 On Steroids
by Daniel Solow
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154 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Modern bidding systems have evolved over the past hundred years, starting with four-card majors and culminating in 2/1, together with a plethora of conventions along the way (Stayman, transfers, Roman Key Card, to name a few). Yet you can still encounter the occasional deficiency--such as an ambiguous bid or ending up in the wrong contract. When this happened to Daniel Solow, he wondered if it was possible to fix some of the issues he encountered by developing a system from scratch using all of the effective bidding principles that have been developed over time, and the answer is . . . yes (but with some tradeoffs)! Join the author on a bridge cruise where you will meet some amazing women who unfold this new bidding system through illustrative hands. While no claim is made that this system should replace those currently in use, you will find the approach novel, interesting, and thought provoking. Who knows, perhaps you will decide to adopt their famous 3 spades Convention!