Item ImageBermuda Bowl: The All Time Best Deals
by Henry Francis • Brian Senior
List Price: $19.95  Your Discount Price: $16.96
252 pages. Paperback.

The Bermuda Bowl is THE bridge championship - the one everyone wants to win: The World Open Teams title. In this book the authors go right back to the beginning, to 1950, in a year by year account of this great tournament. . . . read more.

Item ImageConventions Today
by Brian Senior
List Price: $15.95  Your Discount Price: $13.56
147 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Learn the Latest and Greatest. The best and most popular conventions in every area of bidding explained. Whatever your preferred system of bidding, you and your partner will inevitably play a number of conventions. This book will not only help you to decide what to incorporate into your partnership's armory, but also help you to understand the many weapons that might be used against you at the ta . . . read more.

Item ImageFor Love or Money
The Life of a Bridge Journalist
by Mark Horton • Brian Senior
List Price: $18.95  Your Discount Price: $16.11
192 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Great hands and amusing anecdotes - a behind-the-scenes look at international bridge. Brian Senior and Mark Horton are experienced international players, and also two of the world's top bridge journalists. In one or the other capacity they have attended every World Championship and major international tournament in the last twenty years, and in this book they share their unique knowledge and expe . . . read more.

Item ImageOpatija Diary
The 52nd European Championships 2014
by Brian Senior
List Price: $9.95  Your Discount Price: $4.97
72 pages. Booklet.

Brian Senior reports on the 52nd European Team Championships in Opatija, Croatia, June 21 - July 1, 2014 . . . read more.

Item ImageShort Club and Transfer Responses
by Brian Senior
List Price: $9.95  Your Discount Price: $8.46
32 pages. Booklet.

Systems based on a short club opening with transfer responses are becoming sufficiently popular that, even if one does not wish to use them oneself, it is a good idea to know something about how they work and how to defend against them, as more and more opposing pairs are employing such methods. This booklet gives a general overview of this type of system then goes on to discuss one complete m . . . read more.

Item ImageSimply The Best
20 of the Greatest Bridge Players of All Time
by Brian Senior
List Price: $9.95  Your Discount Price: $8.46
72 pages. Booklet.

This booklet features profiles on 20 of the all-time greatest bridge players. . . . read more.

Item ImageWorld Championships 2019 at Wuhan
by World Bridge Federation • Brian Senior
List Price: $34.95  Your Discount Price: $27.96
367 pages. Paperback.

The official publication of the World Bridge Championships 2019 at Wuhan. From the World Bridge Federation. Edited by Brian Senior. . . . read more.