Sixpack Repack (E-BOOK)

Item ImageSixpack Repack (E-BOOK)
Keycards And Queecards in the Twilight Zone
by Allan DeSerpa
Price: $10.00
193 pages. E-book (PDF)

Sixpack kicks in whenever you announce a two-suited hand and force the auction to game. As the name Sixpack implies, six-keycard Blackwood comes of age in the delivery of four aces, two key kings, and two "queecards." Sixpack packs them all into a compact bidding space below the major-suit game. It then discovers other key honor cards that become important in the context of the auction. Sixpack combines familiar relay structures of power precision with such exciting innovations as the launch into keycards, four-card supers, intervention transfers, and pattern relays. Standard Sixpack is tailor-made for Jacoby transfer auctions. Once you learn the basics, Sixpack Stayman is a natural extension. If you succumb to the lure of Barnacle and Minor-Suit Sixpack, bidding exotic hand patterns in the Twilight Zone will become irresistible. By the end of the Sixpack adventure, you will be declaring before dummy hits the table.