Item ImageMinor Suit Inventions
Respecting Neglected Suits
by Allan DeSerpa
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145 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

All bidding systems are biased toward the major suits. Hands with minor-suit orientation lack the bidding space for adequate description. The larger problem is that available space is not used efficiently. As the title implies, Minor-Suit Inventions confronts the deficiencies head-on. In most situations, responder triggers a set of relays that enables one partner or the other to describe his hand . . . read more.

Item ImagePancakes and Waffles
Better Bidding by Simulation
by Allan DeSerpa
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197 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

by Allan DeSerpa, John Mohan and Richard Catero with Bruce Ruskin and Wes Powers. Although we rely on statistical analysis, this book is more about better bridge bidding. For the majority of players who are not especially enamored with numbers, we attempt to display statistical results sparingly, discuss them in English, and explain how you can improve your game by paying attention to them. Our w . . . read more.

Item ImagePattern Relays
Working Miracles with your Two-Notrump Structure
by Allan DeSerpa
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230 pages. Paperback.

How to Work Miracles over Two Notrump. The first step in describing your exact hand is to show your suits If you have two suits (even two four card suits), SHOW THEM! For every two suiter, there are EIGHT key cards four aces, two key kings and two key queens. TELL opener which ones you have! But before running off to the five level: Get feedback from that partner who showed 20-21 points. Give som . . . read more.

Item ImageSixpack
Adventures with Keycards and Queecards
by Allan DeSerpa
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232 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Six keycard RKCB has come of age! As soon you identify a double fit, don't ask for keycards. . . just "launch" and tell. You can find out about all six keycards--and two "queecards"--below the game level. Part I of the book lays out a set of basic rules for any casual partnership to apply quickly and easily. Part II gets more advanced and complex, but operates along the same principles. Apply Six . . . read more.

Item ImageSixpack Repack
Keycards And Queecards in the Twilight Zone
by Allan DeSerpa
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193 pages. Paperback.

Sixpack kicks in whenever you announce a two-suited hand and force the auction to game. As the name Sixpack implies, six-keycard Blackwood comes of age in the delivery of four aces, two key kings, and two "queecards." Sixpack packs them all into a compact bidding space below the major-suit game. It then discovers other key honor cards that become important in the context of the auction. Sixpack c . . . read more.

Item ImageThe Two-Club Marionette
Good-Bye Forcing Notrump
by Allan DeSerpa
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110 pages. Paperback.

Getting to play one notrump offers at least four ways of winning a board: (1) you may not have a better contract; (2) even if you do, it will not always be easy to find it; (3) even when one notrump is not the best contract, the opponents rate to give away a trick with an aggressive opening lead; (4) even if responder finds the better contract; the opposition gets another opportunity to get back . . . read more.