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A Memoir from the Wonderful World of Bridge
by Augie Boehm
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220 pages. Paperback.

In this charming memoir, Augie Boehm shares tales and insights from his unique perspectives as an expert bridge player and a world-class musician. The book chronicles Augie's life journeys and reveals the highs and lows of a life in and around the game of bridge, from the highest-level tournaments to the most-dubious bridge club in Times Square; from the carriage trade to luxurious cruise ships to Sing-Sing penitentiary. In this book, you'll find glimpses of Stephen Sondheim, Omar Sharif, the Rockefellers, bridge legends, and the colorful characters who populate the wonderful world of bridge--be prepared to laugh. Augie was raised in a bridge-playing family and in the company of many of the game's legendary players. Augie has competed in tournaments since he was nine years old, and his story encapsulates much of modern bridge history. It shows how the game has evolved, with alerts, silent bidding, changing fashions in conventions, and more. Take note of how the conduct and ethics of players have shifted dramatically. How did the enormous proliferation of systems take hold? What was the impact of the great cheating scandals? Augie has witnessed the significant changes in the game over the past half-century from the inside track of a bridge professional. For newcomers to bridge, the book provides an interesting background of the world's greatest card game. For experienced players and tournament veterans, there are many nostalgic reminiscences--all in the lively, conversational style that has made Augie one of the most successful players, writers, and teachers in bridge.