Item ImageBig Deal
A Memoir from the Wonderful World of Bridge
by Augie Boehm
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220 pages. Paperback.

In this charming memoir, Augie Boehm shares tales and insights from his unique perspectives as an expert bridge player and a world-class musician. The book chronicles Augie's life journeys and reveals the highs and lows of a life in and around the game of bridge, from the highest-level tournaments to the most-dubious bridge club in Times Square; from the carriage trade to luxurious cruise ship . . . read more.

Item ImageBoehm's Card Play Essentials
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by Augie Boehm
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56 pages. Paperback.

If you have already taken beginner bridge classes and feel uncertain about how to play or defend a hand, this booklet is right for you. You won't find endplays, squeezes or other rarities: what you will find are the card play techniques that occur with the greatest frequency and therefore present the most common challenges. For the most part, all four hands are displayed in the illustrated deal . . . read more.

Item ImageBridge Smarts
A Path to Bridge Success
by Augie Boehm
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140 pages. Paperback.

Winner of the ABTA 2016 Book of the Year award. Bridge success is the result of many factors: talent, knowledge, experience, and, to a surprising extent, luck. But there are other, perhaps less obvious, factors that are well within your control, such as maintaining stamina, an even temperment, and concentration. What to focus on? Start with evaluating what your hand is worth as an auction develop . . . read more.

Item ImageDemon Defense and Demon Doubling
Defend With Skill and Double for Keeps
Third Edition
by Augie Boehm
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172 pages. Paperback.

This book teaches the principles of good defense. When you feel reasonably confident about your ability to defend, you will feel more secure in doubling the opponents. Successful penalty doubles are a sure way to improve your performance. Using the Socratic method, the book links defense to penalty doubles in a sequential progression. This book will have strong appeal to tournament players of int . . . read more.

Item ImageExpert Hand Evaluation
by Augie Boehm
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142 pages. Paperback.

If bidding were as simple as counting high-card points, most of us would have lost interest in bridge a long time ago. Appreciating the life-long challenge of a game immune to mastery, experts are always trying to hone their bidding judgment. This book's aim is to help you develop good bidding judgment by refining and improving your hand evaluation, which is the bedrock of good bidding. Learning . . . read more.

Item ImageMasterpiece Deals
by Augie Boehm
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84 pages. Paperback.

Brilliance in bridge has its own kind of beauty, like a brilliant work of art. What I happen to admire most are the moments when a player produces a master stroke of card play, a striking move that would elude even the majority of experts because it involves the highly unusual. This book features card plays of such creativity and imagination that I believe they deserve to be preserved as museum p . . . read more.

Item ImageMatchpoints Versus IMPs
Different Games, Different Strategies
by Augie Boehm
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140 pages. Paperback.

Matchpoint and IMP events are based on very different scoring systems. Matchpoint scoring rewards the frequency of gain; how often do you find the winning action? IMP scoring rewards the amount of gain, the same basis for rubber bridge. This book looks at the tantalizing question of which form of scoring is the more skillful, examines the role of luck, and shows how to pick a personal style. . . . read more.

Item ImagePrivate Sessions: A Bridge Education
by Augie Boehm
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230 pages. Hardcover.

The best way to enjoy bridge, and win more often, is to learn how to think. This is the essence of Augie Boehm's Private Sessions. In its pages, Augie reveals: -How to improve your bridge memory. - The benefits of visualization. -The fine points of hand evaluation. -Passing--how it is the secret weapon. -What a singleton honor is really worth. -The importance of the fourth trump. -The value of ti . . . read more.

Item ImageThree Notrump in Depth
by Augie Boehm
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176 pages. Paperback.

Part I of this book will equip you with a variety of useful, easy-to-master bidding tools to help you and partner discover when to grab the 3NT brass ring, and, just as important, when to avoid it. Reaching good 3NT contracts doesn't confer an automatic bonus-there is that niggling rule about needing to make what you bid. So, Part II is dedicated to the play of 3NT. Since you are apt to defend 3N . . . read more.

Item ImageWielding The Axe
The Vanishing Art of the Penalty Double
by Augie Boehm
List Price: $14.95  Sale Price: $11.96  You Save: 20%
162 pages. Paperback.

Nothing exemplifies the keen competitive spirit of tournament bridge better than the penalty double. Acquire a feel for opportunistic doubles, add a potent weapon to your arsenal, avoid dangerous gambles, and become a more feared opponent. . . . read more.