When to Draw Trumps

Item ImageWhen to Draw Trumps
by Adam Parrish
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307 pages. Paperback.

The Ultimate Guide to Playing a Trump Contract. Knowing when to draw trumps is absolutely fundamental to playing a suit contract, but it is not always an easy decision to make. How many times have you drawn trumps immediately, only to realize later that you should have waited? Or, trying to learn from your mistake, put off drawing trumps when you shouldn't have and gone down in a cold contract? This book gives you the tools you'll need to approach these problems with confidence. "What Adam is really teaching here is how to think about a bridge hand--how to analyze your contract and its chances and then how to maximize your odds of attaining your goal number of tricks. He wants to change your mindset from always drawing trumps first and then thinking about what to do next (which is how I imagine most beginning and intermediate bridge players approach playing a hand) to thinking of drawing trumps as one step in an overall plan for the hand and choosing whether or not to draw trumps immediately on a hand-by-hand basis as part of this plan. I would expect this book to improve the play of every advancing bridge player. It's not a quick fix--he's teaching you a thought process, and that takes time to adopt. But with some time, applying the lessons here will go a long way to improving the way you tackle a hand as declarer." --Steve Weinstein