Item ImageBridge At The Cranmer Club
by Adam Parrish
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134 pages. Paperback.

Adam Parrish's entertaining and educational book tells the story of a night at the local bridge club. Up-and-comer Aaron is playing with Tony, one of the top players in the club. The colorful characters who come to their table each round are perhaps even more interesting than the hands they play. . . . read more.

Item ImageWhen to Bid Notrump
(And How to Play It)
by Adam Parrish
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255 pages. Paperback.

In When to Bid Notrump (And How to Play It), Adam Parrish gives the same thorough and understandable treatment to notrump contracts that he gave to trump contracts in When to Draw Trumps. The first section deals with common questions about notrump bidding: when do you need a stopper, when do you bypass a four-card major to bid notrump, when do you choose notrump over a major-suit fit? The second . . . read more.

Item ImageWhen to Draw Trumps
by Adam Parrish
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307 pages. Paperback.

The Ultimate Guide to Playing a Trump Contract. Knowing when to draw trumps is absolutely fundamental to playing a suit contract, but it is not always an easy decision to make. How many times have you drawn trumps immediately, only to realize later that you should have waited? Or, trying to learn from your mistake, put off drawing trumps when you shouldn't have and gone down in a cold contract? T . . . read more.