Bridge Smarts

Item ImageBridge Smarts
A Path to Bridge Success
by Augie Boehm
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140 pages. Paperback.

Winner of the ABTA 2016 Book of the Year award. Bridge success is the result of many factors: talent, knowledge, experience, and, to a surprising extent, luck. But there are other, perhaps less obvious, factors that are well within your control, such as maintaining stamina, an even temperment, and concentration. What to focus on? Start with evaluating what your hand is worth as an auction develops. No supercomputer brain needed; just an ability to add and subtract from 13 plus memory, deduction, and analysis. This book will help you become a better bridge thinker by exploring the nuances of hand evaluation. Good evaluation produces better judgment. The book's numerous problems and quizzes provide you with the opportunity to test that judgment and show off your bridge smarts.