Keys to Winning Bridge

Item ImageKeys to Winning Bridge
The Advancing Player's Handbook For Success
by Frank Stewart
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224 pages. Paperback.

Syndicated columnist and author Frank Stewart believes that two factors determine who wins and loses at the bridge table. This book emphasizes sound fundamental skills and keeping avoidable errors to a minimum. In play and defense, he treats basic techniques; in the bidding, he discusses style and discipline -- concepts rarely found in the literature. The importance of conventions and systems is minimized. A final section deals with a personal aspect of the game: cultivating a winning attitude. Recommended for intermediate to advanced level players. "With this latest book, Frank Stewart has captured (and in understandable words) not only what it takes to win but the way to get there. Of course, he admires technique, concentration, desire and partnership togetherness, but he stresses what might be wasted time -- discussing what conventions to play or even the bidding system chosen -- rather than the crucial characteristic of simply learning how to win." --Bobby Wolff