Item ImageBecoming A Bridge Expert
by Frank Stewart
List Price: $25.95  Your Discount Price: $22.06
300 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

A compendium of advice for the improving player from one of North America's best-known bridge teachers and writers. Each tip is bite-sized - 3-4 pages in length - so the reader can dip in briefly and still take away an important idea. As well as the usual sections on bidding, play and defense, the author includes much advice on the psychological aspects of the game, including how to be a good par . . . read more.

Item ImageFrank Stewart's Bridge Club
by Frank Stewart
List Price: $18.95  Your Discount Price: $16.11
200 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Frank Stewart's Bridge Club is no ordinary place. It is the regular haunt of a cast of somehow familiar players: Unlucky Louie, against whom no one ever makes a wrong bid or play; Grapefruit, a man with an unnaturally sour disposition; Cy the Cynic, who knows that the Fates will conspire against him whatever he does; Minnie Bottoms, who tends to mix up jacks and kings but always somehow finds the . . . read more.

Item ImageFrank Stewart's World Of Bridge
by Frank Stewart
List Price: $23.95  Your Discount Price: $11.97
268 pages. Paperback.

Hard-edged observations from the syndicated columnist; over-the-shoulder stories, and insight into expert views on bidding and play. Some of Frank Stewart's opinions about the current state of bridge: The standard of play has declined; There's been an explosion of professionalism in tournaments; An influx of foreign experts is dominating U.S. tournaments; In Bidding, system is supplanting judgeme . . . read more.

Item ImageKeys to Winning Bridge
The Advancing Player's Handbook For Success
by Frank Stewart
List Price: $22.95  Your Discount Price: $19.51
224 pages. Paperback.

Syndicated columnist and author Frank Stewart believes that two factors determine who wins and loses at the bridge table. This book emphasizes sound fundamental skills and keeping avoidable errors to a minimum. In play and defense, he treats basic techniques; in the bidding, he discusses style and discipline -- concepts rarely found in the literature. The importance of conventions and systems is . . . read more.

Item ImageLet's Play Some Bridge
by Frank Stewart
List Price: $21.95  Your Discount Price: $18.66
216 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

The "over-my-shoulder" method of bridge writing became prominent in the writing of Terence Reese and continued in the work of excellent writers such as Mike Lawrence and Larry Cohen. In this genre, the reader gains access to the mind and thought processes of an expert. The reader encounters techniques, such as counting and drawing inferences, that are supposedly expert territory. Stewart's writin . . . read more.

Item ImagePlay Bridge With Me
by Frank Stewart
List Price: $21.95  Your Discount Price: $18.66
216 pages. Paperback.

The "over-my-shoulder" genre in bridge literature allows the reader to get into the mind of an expert player and follow their thought processes. The reader is exposed to techniques--such as counting and drawing inferences--that are supposedly reserved for experts. The author focuses on logical thinking, and problem solving. During a session, a player faces hundres of decisions. Some can be resolv . . . read more.

Item ImageWhat's Your Call?
The Bridge Player's Handbook of Basic Bidding
by Frank Stewart
List Price: $23.95  Your Discount Price: $5.00
224 pages. Paperback.

This book helps intermediate players improve their valuation skills and provides a sound bidding foundation. Focusing more on judgment than on system, the author utilizes a question-and-answer format, with quizzes and short tutorials. Each chapter discusses a different stage of the auction, from the opening bid onwards. The author presents his views on key issues, followed by a series of problems . . . read more.

Item ImageWho Has The Queen?
The Bridge Player's Handbook of Card Reading
by Frank Stewart
List Price: $23.95  Your Discount Price: $19.16
206 pages. Paperback.

An introduction to inference, counting, assumption and related topics, things players can use to see their opponents' cards. It's in a quiz format and treats both declarer play and defense. This book is full of interesting deals in which finding a missing queen, or one of her relatives, is the key to making a contract. The problems cover various types of logical thinking, including: counting and . . . read more.