Pattern Relays

Item ImagePattern Relays
Working Miracles with your Two-Notrump Structure
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by Allan DeSerpa
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230 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

How to Work Miracles over Two Notrump. The first step in describing your exact hand is to show your suits If you have two suits (even two four card suits), SHOW THEM! For every two suiter, there are EIGHT key cards four aces, two key kings and two key queens. TELL opener which ones you have! But before running off to the five level: Get feedback from that partner who showed 20-21 points. Give some feedback to partner if you have a minimum slam invitation. If you think there is not enough bidding space to have this much of a conversation, you are right... unless you use Pattern Relays. Many auctions are simple, relying on Jacoby or other (Arizona, or Texas) transfers to pinpoint suit length--or can be simplified by omitting some of the fine points. The harder ones (mostly in Stayman auctions) effectively cover hand types (basic 4-4 patterns) that are almost impossible to describe with current expert level treatments. "Pattern Relays will provide an exciting experience for your partnership when you open 2 NT or any stronger balanced hand. Now, for the first time in my multi decades of tournament bridge, we can move toward slam with exact information about two suiters (including even 4-4 or 4-4-4-1 patterns) and elicit all the information we need to be the most accurate slam bidders at the tournament truly a satisfying and rewarding experience!" --John Mohan