Parrish the Thought Volume 1

Item ImageParrish the Thought Volume 1
Preempts and Overcalls
by Adam Parrish
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304 pages. Paperback.

Adam Parrish covers these essential topics in his signature easy-to-understand style. The book has two distinct sections, the first covering preempts and the second overcalls. All aspects of both topics are covered, from when and how to preempt or overcall to responding to your partner's preempt or overcall to dealing with the opponents' preempt or overcall. Each chapter has a quiz to reinforce the material. A great resource for advancing players. Competitive bidding is the rule today. It?s rare to see more than a handful of auctions each session where both sides aren't in on the action. Effectively entering a competitive auction-whether the opponents have opened or you are the opener-is essential in today's cutthroat game. This book deals with two key ways we enter a competitive auction: a preempt and an overcall. Adam Parrish explains these concepts in his typical clear and understandable style. Master them, and you're well on your way to successfully navigating competitive auctions and making the opponents' lives more difficult.