KK Relay

Item ImageKK Relay
by Karen McCallum • Kit Woolsey
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614 pages. Paperback.

Multi-time world champions Karen McCallum and Kit Woolsey explain their relay system, KK Relay, which they have used and perfected for several years. For readers not familiar with relay systems, the relay concept is quite simple: instead of making a descriptive bid, one of the partners makes a call that asks a question. Their partner answers that question. That's it! Many such systems are obtuse and difficult to remember, but KK Relay has been structured in a way that both eases memory burden and increases efficiency. A must read for any system wonk. It could easily be said that relay is merely Blackwood on steroids. One partner, usually the stronger hand, takes charge. He is simply asking questions and using the information received to choose the right contract. Instead of asking for aces, we ask for shape and controls. We had initially scoffed at the idea of a relay system, thinking it difficult to learn, difficult to remember, and surely inaccurate since it eliminates bidding judgment. We've come to the conclusion that we were wrong. Relay has proven to be far more accurate than any methods either of us have previously played. It may be a bit difficult to learn all the ins and outs at first, for some, but it's extremely easy to remember since it follows an orderly pattern. And, far from eliminating judgment, it actually hones your judgment. KK Relay (named for Karen and Kit) is constructed so that the amount of memory work involved is minimal. It is structured in simple steps that repeat themselves in multiple situations.