Item ImageKK Relay
by Karen McCallum • Kit Woolsey
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614 pages. Paperback.

Multi-time world champions Karen McCallum and Kit Woolsey explain their relay system, KK Relay, which they have used and perfected for several years. For readers not familiar with relay systems, the relay concept is quite simple: instead of making a descriptive bid, one of the partners makes a call that asks a question. Their partner answers that question. That's it! Many such systems are obtuse . . . read more.

Item ImageMatchpoints
Second Edition
by Kit Woolsey
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370 pages. Paperback.

Matchpoints, originally published in 1982, is one of the absolute classic bridge books. World Champion Kit Woolsey discusses every aspect of bridge -- constructive bidding, competitive bidding, declarer play, defense -- from the perspective of matchpoint expectation: how many matchpoints will I win if I am right, and how many matchpoints will I lose if I am wrong? Even veteran matchpoint players . . . read more.

Item ImagePartnership Defence
by Kit Woolsey
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This is a used item. Fair/good condition . . . read more.

Item ImageThe Language of Bridge
by Kit Woolsey
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317 pages. Paperback.

Kit Woolsey's first new bridge book in 35 years is aimed at an intermediate audience, but with plenty of insights for advanced and expert players. This book examines the communication between partners as they work together to reach the best contract or try to defeat declarer's contract on defense. Kit brings his unique take on the game to the subject of partnership communication -- thinking abou . . . read more.