The Search for a Second Suit

Item ImageThe Search for a Second Suit
by Dr. James Marsh Sternberg • Danny Kleinman
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178 pages. Paperback.

Becoming a good declarer starts with some basic principles. All the books tell you the same thing; before playing to Trick 1, think and form a plan. But what should you think about? Players often look at a deal and see a new mystery, a complex problem. They become overwhelmed. Of all the ways of winning tricks, cashing high cards and taking finesses are easiest. But establishing a long suit requires effort and care. To set up intermediate cards, lose tricks you cannot avoid losing. The most common type of deal is a second suit. This book will focus entirely on variations of second suit type deals. It is divided into chapters, including one on defense, but there is some overlap. I show all four hands for convenience, but try covering the hands except dummy's and your own until you have played the deal through mentally.