Item Image365 Winning Bridge Tips
by Danny Kleinman
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272 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Can you learn from the errors of others? Here is a collection of problems, mostly very simple ones, that gave a variety of players, mostly "intermediate" but including occasional beginners and experts, some trouble. You won't find bidding problems worthy of the Master Solvers' Club (a monthly Bridge World feature), declarer-play problems fit for "Test Your Play" (another Bridge World feature) or . . . read more.

Item ImageHuman Bridge Errors
Volume 1 of Infinity
by Chthonic • Danny Kleinman • Nick Straguzzi
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232 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Chthonic, the irascible bridge-playing computer, is back. This time, he's attempting to teach humans a little about the game of bridge - not in order to turn them into competent players, as he recognizes that is impossible. But he thinks he may be able to get the reader to the point where his cell phone won't laugh at him behind his back every time he plays a card. Each chapter of this wickedly f . . . read more.

Item ImageThe NoTrump Zone
by Danny Kleinman
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192 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

Notrump openings, and the constructive auctions that follow them, are two of the most neglected areas in bridge literature. Following on from his popular articles in the ACBL Bulletin, Kleinman discusses the principles behind notrump bids and rebids in a variety of situations, emphasizing the ideas and concepts rather than attempting to teach a series of rigid rules. . . . read more.

Item ImageThe Principle of Restricted Talent
by Danny Kleinman • Nick Straguzzi
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196 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

An anthology of humorous stories featuring Chthonic, the bridge-playing robot. The stories draw unmercifully funny portraits of human bridge players, as Chthonic's bridge brilliance and abrasive and ill-concealed contempt for his human creators leave them all in his wake. A particular target is the pompous Director of the Cybernetics Research Institute, whose opinion of his own bridge expertise d . . . read more.