To Ruff or Not to Ruff

Item ImageTo Ruff or Not to Ruff
by Dr. James Marsh Sternberg • Danny Kleinman
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157 pages. Paperback.

To ruff or not to ruff. The question seems so easy. To draw trumps promptly or is there something else to do first? Declarer has so many options. Ruff in dummy, a ruffing finesse, a crossruff, a dummy reversal, even a trump coup or scoring a trump 'en passant'. And preventing the opponents from obtaining ruffs. What about the defenders? Should they be the ones to draw trumps? Can they spin straw into gold and manufacture some trump tricks? Sometimes it's wrong to ruff. There's a whole lot going on, many strange wonders that befall thee in the trump suit. You will see all of these in the instructive deals presented in quiz format, first thru the eyes of the declarer, then the defenders.