Simple Squeezes Made Simple

Item ImageSimple Squeezes Made Simple
by Dr. James Marsh Sternberg • Danny Kleinman
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104 pages. Paperback.

Squeezes. Just the word strikes fear into the heart of many bridge players. But simple squeezes are actually quite simple. The single or simple squeeze accounts for 90% of squeezes and 90% of this book deals with simple squeezes. If you wish to become more than just a mediocre bridge player mastering the techniques of basic simple squeeze play is a must. In any session of bridge of twenty or so deals, the opportunity of some form of squeeze invariably arises on three to four deals even if unrecognized. Don't worry about the other types. They are usually only discovered in postmortem analysis. The purpose of this book is to guide you thru what you can easily master. You will find that the feeling of executing your first squeeze is a "once in a lifetime thrill" at the table.